“Just had an amazing session with Jessi Hersey!

“I want to share and express the professionalism Jessi Hersey provided for me during our session.
I came to her in the middle of many upsets and she was able to guide me back to peace with ease. She never allows for the nonsense and states the Truth .
She is very confident, loving ,& patient as she holds space for you through the upsets . She is really an amazing Ascension Coach and I recommend working with her .”
With Love
-Lorraine Kelly

“Jessi helped me work through a huge block to my femininity. I kept trying to step into it but part of me didn’t believe that i could be straightforward, honest, and truly who i am and still be a woman. I though that women had to be submissive, and give in— which is the last thing I’ve ever wanted to do.I HATE giving in. But I’d been forcing myself to because I felt like that was being “feminine”. I am a very powerful and feminine woman, and I’m straightforward af. I am perfectly happy with that aspect of me now. It was amazing, because this piece kept trying to dodge and run away, and led me in circles, but Jessi was extremely patient and led me through it with a true no-bullshit approach that enabled me to really get to the core quickly and let go of the lies i was holding onto and trying to tiptoe around. Additionally there was a part of me that just didn’t feel safe to be who she is because she was afraid of repercussion. Jessi helped me let go of the illusion more fully and really step into my truth. I’m so grateful to her for her immense patience and love and feel so much more in my power now. It feel so much better to speak out and be honest, rather than needing to beat around the bush and “soften” everything for ego. Thank you Jessi! I feel so relieved to have shed those layers of illusion and to be able to step into my true divine feminine power!”

“My session with Jessi was absolutely beautiful! She held space for me as I went deep into my upsets while guiding me through each of them passionately and lovingly. I felt so safe when being coached by her. She truly helps you ground deep into your core and allows you to feel dive in deep to your feelings. I highly recommend Jessi as she brought me into such peace!”
Drake Monroe

“My session with jessi was absolutely perfect. She helped me work through some huge upsets around my sexual energy and claiming my divine power. I have been choosing to not be authentic with myself in many ways that has caused much emotional and physical trauma. Jessi’s authenticity helped me perfect dive into my upsets and heal these parts of me with ease. I was able to love myself perfectly and bring into my consciousness all of the love that I needed. Every upset that arose was easily maneuvered and worked through with her help. In this session I began to really feel into how simple it is to heal my upsets and to not have fear around this. Thank you Jessi I will be purchasing many more sessions to come. You are an awesome coach with an awesome heart.”
Ryan McIntyre

“Right from the beginning I felt connected with Jessi and it was very easy and natural for me to open up. I was welcomed and gently and lovingly guided through some core upsets of mine, which I managed to numb out for many decades. During this state of vulnerability and anxiety I always felt safe and in the presence of the Source. While at times my ego wanted „to take over“ the session she gently guided me back into my heart space and encouraged me again to feel my feelings. She is a very sensitive and gifted coach, determined to give all her healing energy, support and love to her clients the way they need it. I cordially recommend her work.”

“Jessi Hersey is a very loving and dedicated Ascension Coach. She helped me heal several abundance blocks and upsets I was having surrounding my Twin Flame journey. I really feel that she is a very trustworthy person with whom I can share my deepest fears, she will help me accept myself regardless what comes up. I am very grateful for the session that we had.”
-Silvia Takacs

” I want to give you all a review of my healing session with Jessi Hersey. I would do sessions with her a million times over. She was very patient, supportive and loving during my session. She helped create a space where i felt safe enough to feel my true feelings and do some much needed, very deep healing. Thank you so much for your time Jessi, I sincerely appreciate your time “
-Natasha ML