Oneness Love, that is what we are. We are one with the universe. Our purpose is to help you tell the story of your love.

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Jessi Hersey

#1 Bestseller in the LGBT Category on Amazon

Jessi is a student of Jeff and Shaleia. She is a healer that didn't begin her Twin Flame journey until she met herself. This was a little over a year ago and since then Jessi has been exploring and getting closer to God every step of the way.

As an extension of the gift given to her through Life Purpose classes, she is claiming her own life purpose in helping others tell their stories, and helping them work through their challenges as she has been doing for her own Twin Flame Story.

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Available Services

There are a wealth of available services that Oneness Love can provide you. Click on "Learn More" to see more details. We have something for everyone!


Card Reading

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Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions involve getting to know each other and learning your Twin Flame story. From there, we find core blocks and move through a mirror exercise into a state of healing.

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TF Subscription Bundle


The Twin Flame Subscription Bundle includes 30 min or less sessions in how to begin to heal by writing stories. Subscriptions bundles are for a limited time.

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Jessie Hersey speaks at schools about mental health and how mirror exercises will improve children’s quality of life.

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Love Publishing Packages

Publishing packages include coaching support to help heal your upsets. Jessi also guides you in getting an ISBN copy of your book and producing a digital copy.

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Global Seminars

Global seminars are coming soon! For now, check out the Seminars page for local seminar information.

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She told of her own experiences with her twin flame while also supporting me through the mirror exercise and wrapping my head around my own blocks. I felt a massive shift and some healing take place. I would definitely recommend Jessi to anyone on the twin flame journey. She is absolutely amazing.
— Jules, Satisfied Client

Card Reading

Jessi Hersey specializes in card reading services so that you may look deeper into yourself and reflect on various issues, upsets, and life problems. Schedule a session today to get started!

Twin Flame Card Reading $25 What You Get

  • You and your Twin's current energy
  • Challenges you may face and how to overcome them
  • What your future may hold depending on your choices in the present
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Life Purpose Card Reading $25 What You Get

  • What your life purpose involves
  • Choices you are currently presented with
  • Challenges you may face and how to overcome them
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Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions involve getting to know each other and sharing your Twin Flame Story. From there, Jessi works with you to find core blocks and move through mirror exercises into a state of healing. Follows up with checking in to see how you're feeling once the healing portion has ended.

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